the pond

Our 1/4 acre pond has served as the heart of our property. It has created great memories of fishing and pedal boating, it attracts lots of animals, and I hooked a pump to it so I can water our food forest garden from it.

pond overview

watering from the pond

To water from the pond, I hooked up a transfer pump that sucks water from the pond and sends it out a hose or a sprinkler. This has made it so much easier to water my garden, and I’m assuming there are lots of nutrients in the pond that serves as fertilizer for our plants.

pump house to water from the pond


My son has always loved fishing from the pond, and it has been fun identifying all the critters we catch. We have catfish, bass, bream, minnows, ghost shrimp snails, and lots of cool water bugs.

boys fishing in the pond