Sticking up for life was created to share our appreciation for life and all the fascinating things in it.

Our mission

To better lives through gardening.


Turning our yard into an edible landscape and food forest was one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made.

Growing our own food has been a fascinating experience that has taught us respect for nature, and appreciation for the outdoors, and now our yard is a magical and peaceful place that we enjoy being in.


We’ve learned to garden naturally, without using any chemicals or fertilizers. Natural gardening takes a little longer at first, but over time, this practice will lead to a sustainable garden that takes care of itself with little maintenance or cost.


Chickens are a huge part of our good forest garden. We started raising chickens for eggs then quickly learned how beneficial their composting skills are in the garden!!

Their constant scratching turns food scraps into soil almost overnight, and their waste serves as a nitrogen-rich amendment for our composts bins.

we hatch chicks

In addition to growing our own food, we also focus on eco-friendly plants like native species and pollinator plants.

Gardening has made us happier, healthier, and we are much better people because of it. We love to share our experiences with others, in hopes of building up more interest to help people and our ecosystem. Collectively, we can make a difference.