Growing food for my family ended up being one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made. Gardening has improved our mental and physical health, grown our fascination for nature, and has provided us with a calm, peaceful place to hang out during these crazy times.

We are seeing many consequences that improper gardening, landscaping, and farming processes are having on our ecosystem, and want to teach others how we can do better.

Brevard County Florida

If you don’t know, Brevard County is home to the amazing Indian River Lagoon which is in the midst of an ecological crisis. Pollutants (including fertilizer, pesticides, motor oil, and detergents) run off our properties, farms, and roadways, and end up in our lakes, ponds, the lagoon, and the ocean.

sea turtle in Cape Canaveral

My son and I share a passion for nature and we spend a lot of time exploring the Indian River lagoon, fishing, and studying the different creatures and plants. It makes us pretty sad to know that the ecosystem is being polluted.

how you can help

We can all help by being less wasteful and making better decisions when maintaining our landscapes. Using less (no) fertilizers, cut back on chemicals, stop purchasing products we don’t need, and managing our septic systems better is a great start.

start a garden

Our yard is a magical place of food, joy, and entertainment. It’s been a fascinating, educational, and rewarding experience to raise children while creating a food forest. It is also a great way to help our environment.

the entrepreneurial gardener…


Right now, in 2022, there is a serious problem with our manatee population. Water pollution is so bad that sea vegetation including seagrass and water hyacinth are not growing along the banks anymore and the manatees are starving to death. FWC is pulling dead manatees out of the lagoon daily.


This toxic chemical family called PFAS is found in everyday products, including food packaging, mascara, sunscreen, and more. This cancer-causing chemical is leaking into our waterways, our drinking water, and marine life, and it doesn’t have a half-life. Fortunately, there is a way to clean it from the water – plants!